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The charter

Charter for the development of Student Empowerment in the School


This charter is the result of a study carried out by seven European agricultural schools and their partner universities as part of the Comenius 2.1 project «Student Empowerment in the School organisation» (EPIDORGE). The main objective of this project is to show the links between the educational function of the school and the involvement of the student. The tests carried out in the schools by the project teams, made up of students and staff, made it possible to identify several essential conditions for promoting student empowerment.

A main objective

Increase student empowerment by facilitating and supporting :

  • Their daily involvement in the changes of the organisation and of the daily life in the school
  • Their taking of decisions and responsibilities in this organisation


1. Declare the willingness of the school to undertake an educational project by encouraging student initiative and student responsibilities

2. Recognise the ability of the students as well as that of all the school staff and partners to make suggestions and to have an influence on the organisation of the school

3. Put in place the conditions to attain the desired objective :
- Improve access to information
- Facilitate the access to the school infrastructure and resources
- Schedule times for exchange and discussion (work, study groups…)
- Support the learning of autonomy and student responsibility

4. Formalise the commitments for a given period in a document outlining the objectives, the role of each person, the methods and the steps of the approach... 

"Fields of application"

These commitments particularly concern :

- The School Authorities, the role of the student
- The Organisation of Students Private Study
- The Organisation of Students time and activities
- The Organisation and Use of the school premises
- The Access to and Use of the school equipment
- ...